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5 Reasons To Move To Miami Shores

5 Reasons To Move To Miami Shores

Miami Shores, also known as Miami Shores Village, is a bedroom community that is centrally located in Miami-Dade County. Located south of Aventura and north of Downtown, Miami Shores is an ideal location for people who work or play in any part of the Greater Miami area. Miami Shores is also one of the most attractive areas to buy homes in right now, due to the relatively low cost per square foot, vibrant community, and proximity to other Miami neighborhoods.  Great real estate options are also available to just about everyone, as of 2010, there were nearly 4000 households in Miami Shores. Of those 4000 homes, 7.8% were vacant.  So if you’re thinking about making the move to Miami Shores but can’t quite decide if it’s right for you, here are 5 reasons you should.

Centrally Located

Miami Shores is located just south of Aventura and North of Downtown Miami on US-1, or as it’s known locally, Biscayne Boulevard. This means it’s a short drive to just about everywhere including Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, Wynwood, Midtown, Aventura and even Southern Broward County.  Its central location makes it ideal for people who frequent various areas of Miami to move to Miami Shores. For example, someone who works in Brickell and socializes in Miami Beach will have a much shorter commute to each location by living in Miami Shores. The Miami Shores location is also ideal during major events like Art Basel. You are far away enough from the real traffic so that it won’t impact your day-to-day plans, but close enough that if you decide to go, it won’t take very long.  Miami Shores is also located close to a number of public, charter, and private schools providing a number of options to families with children of any age. Schools like Miami Shores Elementary, Horace Mann Middle, Doctors Charter School of Miami Shores, Miami Country Day School, and several others are all available to children growing up in Miami Shores.

Miami Shores Real Estate Prices

Miami Shores real estate is considered to be the second most undervalued real estate market in the state of Florida. At a median $338 per square foot, it’s real estate prices are lower than areas with comparable housing, and schools, such as Pinecrest and Coral Gables. It is also a neighborhood that is in between a number of price categories, so it is being looked at by Miami real estate brokers in both the luxury and non-luxury fields. The area has a great mix of large single-family homes, small single-family homes, multi-family homes, as well as a number of great apartment and condo options. Whether you are a young couple, a young family, or even retirees looking to downsize, there are excellent real estate options in Miami Shores.

Great Local Food

Miami Shores is also starting to emerge as a location for great local cuisine. It is attractive for small businesses to move to Miami Shores due to the central location, commercial real estate options, and proximity to residential neighborhoods. For example, Proper Sausages is a butcher shop that offers a number a wide variety of products you can’t really find anywhere else. For example, raw goats milk, Florida beef, and locally sourced eggs. Miami Shores is also home to Côté Gourmet, a restaurant featuring a mix of Italian and French favorites with a hint of everything from more than 5 continents. There are also a number of other excellent local restaurants and markets offering Cuban food, Peruvian food, Latin food, Colombian Food, Asian cuisine and so much more.

move to Miami Shores

Credit: Miami Shores Country Club

Great For Golfers

The area is also very close to a number of great golf courses, including the Miami Shores Country Club, making it very attractive for golfers to move to Miami Shores. There are courses for golfers of every level near Miami Shores, so whether you’re a novice golfer or a seasoned pro, there are a number of options nearby for you. Greynolds Park golf club, located just north of Miami Shores in North Miami Beach is a great course for golfers who are just starting out and want to get some practice. Whereas courses like Turnberry and Miami Shores Country Club are ideal for passionate golfers who love a challenge. Keep in mind, some of these courses are members only, so make sure to research the courses you’re interested in before trying to get a tee time.

Miami Shores Public Library

Miami Shores is also well-known for its public library, Brockway Memorial Library, which was founded in 1949. While the countywide Miami-Dade Public Library System has now taken control over most of the libraries in the county, the Miami Shores public library has remained independent.  George A. Brockway, a wealthy industrialist, and part-time South Florida resident donated the funds to build the library in 1949. In addition, Bessemer Properties, under the direction of Roy Hawkins, donated the land that the library was built on. Brockway Memorial Library is considered by many to be the central cultural and educational hub of the Village of Miami Shores.  The library offers a diverse collection of materials including print books, magazines, newspapers, online databases, eBooks, multimedia, DVDs, and music. The library also offers a number of social clubs as well as activities to members of the community.

Miami Shores Is Diverse

Miami Shores is also a very diverse community, with more than 40% of the village residents speaking a language other than English at home.  As of 2000, Miami Shores also has the 102nd highest percentage of Colombian residents in the country and 59th highest percentage of Cuban residents. 50% of residents also possess a bachelors degree or higher, and the median household income is more than $105,000 per year, which has grown from roughly $50,000 in 2000. The community has a vibrant mix of families, businesses, arts and culture from all over the world, making attractive for families from all over to move to Miami Shores.

Move To Miami Shores

If you’re thinking about relocating to Miami, or selling your Miami home and moving to a new neighborhood, you should absolutely consider making the move to Miami Shores. The neighborhood is great for young families, young couples, middle-aged couples, retirees, and just about anyone in between. The Miami Shores Village offers a wide variety of local food and entertainment options and is also located close to just about everything in Miami. If you’re interested in looking at houses or real estate in Miami Shores, contact us today to schedule a few showings.