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About Cardinal Realty Group

Maximizing Value For Our Agents & Our Clients.

Cardinal is a Miami real estate brokerage that aims to change the way the modern real estate brokerage works. Backed by a diverse team of real estate professionals, web developers, content creators and Internet marketers, Cardinal brings a strategic, personalized approach to buying and selling real estate in a modern world. Our goal is to provide our agents with the information, tools and resources they need to improve overall customer experience and simplify the process of finding our clients the homes of their dreams.

The Cardinal Difference

As a brokerage, we understand that our agents are our most important asset, as agents that are enaged and encouraged to succeed deliver the best possible real estate experience to our clients. We've created a brokerage that gives our agents the tools to expertly market their clients properties with the click of a button and to find clients their dream homes with ease. Cardinal is real estate reimagined.

Our Agents

Cardinal's experienced Miami real estate agents are backed by our industry leading technology and marketing services, empowered by our library of realtor training videos, and with our 100% commission structure, incentivized to get the best deal that they can for their clients. Our team of experienced realtors are always deeply familiar with the areas they represent, and are ready to help you find your dream home.

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