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Commercial Real Estate Miami: Everything You Need to Know

Miami is a prosperous city that attracts its tourists with the abundance of local shops, restaurants, and beautiful beach views— and with tourism comes business opportunity. With all the construction and brand new developments popping up on the market, commercial real estate is booming right now.

Miami, FL, commercial real estate offers a spectrum of houses, apartments, and other impressive properties due to its convenient geographical location. Sitting on the Atlantic coastline, Miami has transportation access to North, South, and Central America. This sort of location is pivotal to economic growth and business development.

The commercial real estate Miami is an impressive selection of apartment-style properties, ranging from small and budget-friendly to larger, million-dollar investment options.

Due to the massive growth potential this city has to offer, it continues to attract business and management groups from all over the world. If you’re looking to build or grow your business, Miami springs to mind as one of the ideal locations for a variety of industries.

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Commercial Property for Sale Miami

There are six main types of commercial property for sale Miami:

  1. Multi-family properties (and housing buildings) have shown to be a popular investment when sub-leasing a commercial property if you wish to increase your earnings.
  2. Healthcare real estate, including hospitals, medical centers, and nursing homes, displays high demand in real estate over the years due to the prevalence of the aging population in Miami.
  3. Industrial commercial developments, such as offices, warehouses, and garages, are another booming industry due to Miami’s prime location as a distributional point for cost-effective import and export.
  4. Office properties are a thriving industry, specifically near Downtown Miami, Brickell, and Doral. These properties are currently in demand due to the spike in technology startups requiring more office space.
  5. Retail space is one of the top commercial real estate for sale Miami. The city is home to countless retail stores and shopping malls that range from high-end luxury to bargain boutiques.
  6. Leisure properties such as hotels, public houses, restaurants, cafes, and so much more. These are highly sought-after properties due to the beautiful weather year-round, bringing in more tourism to the city.
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Commercial Real Estate for Sale Miami

The options for commercial real estate for sale in Miami are truly endless. Depending on your business and budget, there’s an abundance of listings available that offer varying locations, land or building space, and price points.

Based on the high demand for commercial real estate in the Miami district, many of these properties are sold on average at about $1,358,454, with a median selling price of around $232,728.

Commercial Property Miami

The commercial property Miami is one to consider investing in if you’re looking to buy or lease in the Florida region. Our advice would be to choose a location based on your business, budget, and lifestyle.

After you decide on these top three factors, you can make a more targeted search to become a commercial property owner in Miami as early as 2021.

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