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Having Trouble Selling Your Home? Follow These Marketing Tips

Having Trouble Selling Your Home? Follow These Marketing Tips

If you are currently considering selling your home, then there are a few specific things that you can do to make sure that you close the deal. Surely, with the way that the economy is currently selling your property has become harder and it is now a buyer’s market. Below we offer marketing tips for selling your home and which should hopefully help you get the price you are after.

Professional Primary Photo

In today’s market, most home buyers start their home search online, so making sure that the first picture they see is professional and staged well is crucial. Little things can go a long way in this photo. For example, your home picture will look more attractive if you crop out streets and sidewalks. Get rid of cars from the driveway and the façade of your property and make sure to clean up the landscaping and mow the lawn. Shoot both angled and close up pictures and avoid shade falling to give yourself some variety when choosing the best option. Most importantly, make sure to use a high quality camera and do it when there’s plenty of sunlight.

General Exterior Pictures

The more photos you take of the exterior of your property the better. In order to get potential buyers interested in coming to see the property you first need to sell them with the photographs. Take photographs of the pool, spa, tennis court, clubhouse, or any other amenities the property may have or have access to. If your home has a backyard, take photos of the yard, the pool, any amenities as well as any upgrades you’ve made like a fire pit. Shoot long and emphasize space. Trim the bushes and mow the yard. Remove any proof of pets and make sure to clean up any tools or equipment laying around as well as kid’s toys.

Interior Pictures

Great interior pictures are going to be the most important thing to have when selling your home online. Take photos of every room of the house from multiple angles. If you think a room may not photograph well, you may want to consider staging it with different furniture or emptying it. Open blinds and drapes and switch on the lights to make sure there is plenty of good lighting in your photos. Concentrate on interesting details of your home like fireplace mantle or wood flooring. Clear away trash bins and close toilet lids in your bathroom and utilize floral arrangements in your kitchen and dining room.

Virtual Tours

This technique is great for showcasing any home, not only expensive luxury homes. Home hunters love virtual tours when searching online as it is a much more immersive experience. The best virtual tour will take hold of a purchaser by the hand and lead him or her from room to room, and it doesn’t matter if it is a video or a 360. You can take in sound, music, and exciting, a well-written description which scroll with the progress of the virtual tour.

Place Signage Outside

Placing “For Sale” signage outside encourages home buyers to contact you or the real estate broker directly. When it comes to marketing a property, signage is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to make home buyers aware your property is for sale. Depending on your curb visibility and how high traffic your area is, a well placed “For Sale” sign can lead to quite a few leads.

Also, remember that a number of homeowner’s association ban real estate signage, so make sure to check with your HOA first as to what’s allowed in your area. Sometimes certain signs are not allowed but others are, but talking to your HOA should clear up any confusion. Make sure your signage includes contact information, your real estate brokers information, the real estate agent information and any other pertinent information about the property.

Internet Marketing

An online presence is crucial when it comes to making your property visible to potential buyers. Because today’s home buyers want accurate information right away, real estate professionals must utilize the various Internet marketing tactics available to them to meet these needs. Use blogs, SEO, youtube videos, Facebook advertising, Instagram posts and any other modern Internet marketing strategies that are available to you.

Print Advertising

Print ads reach home buyers in a number of ways. By placing advertisements in newspapers, direct mailers, circulars, and other print media, you can reach thousands of potential buyers for a relatively low cost. Know which days draw the most readers. Usually, it is weekends, but some journals also put out image or picture classified on weekdays.
Never ignore local newspapers. Often you can run a bigger advertisement for a fraction of cost which targets closely people who are searching in your area. Pay attention to press dates prior to placing your advertisements in real estate newspapers. You can also use a website that specializes in real estate marketing.

If you’re interested in getting assistance with marketing your property in the South Florida real estate market, Fortress has a team of professional marketers who are available to shoot photos, shoot video of your property, create blog articles, run Facebook advertising campaigns or any other sort of marketing for your real estate listings. Contact Fortress today to boost your listing visibility and start closing more deals.