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Get Free Property Videos, Photos & A Website When You List Your Property With Fortress

Selling a home or property in South Florida is just like selling any other high ticket product. The more attractive and enticing you can make that product, the faster it will sell and the more money you will get for it. When searching for homes online, the first thing any potential buyer looks at is the media gallery. What do the bathrooms look like? Is the kitchen modern? Does it have a pool? There's no shortage of homes in South Florida, and home buyers want to make sure they’re interested before scheduling a showing. You have to make a great first impression, and that’s why we create a full gallery of property videos, photos as well as a property website, all free of charge when you list with Fortress.


Here Are Some Examples Of Our Real Estate Media

Below you can see some examples of our real estate listing videos and real estate listing photos.

Aerial Video

We will use a drone to capture aerial footage of your property when appropriate. This footage will then be cut into an aerial video and used in a montage video.

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Walk-Through Video

We will use a stabilized 4k camera to capture "walk-through" video shots through various portions of your property. This will give the buyer the feeling like they are walking through the property.

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Timelapse Videos

We can create timelapse videos of your property to show different "value adders" like parties, pool days, BBQs, cooking and more.

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Selling a home

Property Photos

We will take lots of high quality, high definition photos of both the inside and outside of your property.

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